Irish Breakfast

Irish Breakfast




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Product type: Breakfast Blend

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Ireland is known for many things like the Blarney Stone, famous beer, and their rich history, but did you know Ireland is the largest nation of tea drinkers per capita? Irish Breakfast Tea is a strong and robust black tea blend famous for its malty flavor. To "take tea" the Irish way, brew up a pot of tea for you and your friends, fill your mug two thirds the way full and top off the rest with milk. Our Irish breakfast is a blend of Indian and Chinese teas with some gold tips scattering the mix. Start up your morning the Irish way with some great Irish Breakfast Tea!

Pro Tip: Add scones for authenticity. 


Country of Origin: India, China.

Brewing Directions:

1tsp - 1.5tsp

Steeping Time: 3min

Water Temp: 212

2oz of tea yields around 25-30 cups of tea.