How to Gong Fu

How to Gong Fu


What is Gong Fu?

Gong Fu Brewing is a certain style of brewing tea. The origin of this style traces back to a very traditional style of brewing from the 18th century and is translated to "highly skilled tea". The traditional way of Gong Fu uses a Gaiwan (lidded cup) to infuse the tea. Modernly, the Gong Fu style is used by enthusiast and tea professionals to sample and make tasting notes of the tea. Gong Fu stylized brewing brings out more character of the tea allowing you pick apart the flavor and make extensive notes on the taste just like a fine wine connoisseur. The flavor this method brings to the table is wonderful. Just like when switching from "bag" tea to "loose leaf" tea, it brings your experience to another level.

Traditional Gong Fu Ceremony Setting


How to do the Gong Fu brew.

With our Modern Gong Fu Set, rest assured that you will have everything you need. Though not the traditional way, this is a lot more convenient than whipping out the clay gaiwans and yixing teapot. To provide the best tasting experience, follow these steps with your Modern Gong Fu Set.

Traditional Gaiwan and Tea Cups

  1. Find a good water source. It's easy to look past it but the main ingredient of tea is water. Make sure to not use distilled water since the lack of minerals will make the tea seem flat. We personally like to use bottled spring water.
  2. Determine what type of tea you will be brewing. The type of tea you choose will determine the the temperature of the water. Here at NōōBrew, we label all of our tea with a recommended brewing temperature to avoid burning the tea. But for reference, this is the general temperatures used per type of tea.
    White Tea 175°
    Green Tea 175°
    Oolong Tea 185°-195°
    Black Tea 195°-212°
    Yerba Mate 212°
    Rooibos 212°


  3. Heat up your water to the corresponding temperature to your preferred tea. While doing that, add roughly two teaspoons to the infuser chamber of your Gong Fu Tea Pitcher.
  4. Once your water is heated to the correct temperature, rinse your tea leaves. to do this pour water over your tea leaves while holding the red lever on the Gong Fu Tea Pitcher just long enough to soak the leaves and drain the spent water into the basin of the pitcher. Discard the water left in the pitcher.
  5. Now pour the hot water into the infuser chamber on top of the rinsed tea leaves. Close the lid and let the tea brew for 30 seconds. This might seem like a short time but since you are using more tea compared to water, you do not have to brew as long. Once 30 seconds are up, press gently on the red lever to drain your tea into the basin of the pitcher.
  6. Serve your tea and enjoy!
  7. Oh we are not done yet! One of the great things about loose leaf tea is you can usually get two uses out of your tea. Well with the Gong Fu Style of brewing, you can re-steep your tea 3-4 times. Just add 10-15 seconds to each time you re-steep. For example, on the second brewing, brew the tea for 45 seconds instead of 30. For the third brewing, try 60 seconds.

The Modern Gong Fu Set (pictured below) is not only a great way to enjoy tea but it is an excellent way to entertain guests with some sampling.

Our Modern Gong Fu Set


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